Cibula Fest Print



23-25. July was held in Holic next edition of the popular Czech-Slovak music festival Cibula Fest. ADAM A SYN take care of the main sound stage.

At the festival we used this technique:

12 pc the midrange speakers d & b audiotechnik V8

4 pieces the midrange speakers d & b audiotechnik V12

16 pieces woofers d & b audiotechnik V-SUB

5 pieces amplifier d & b audiotechnik D80

2 piece mixer Yamaha CL5

2 pcs Rio box

Shure, Sennheiser

4 kW speakers Turbosound, Drum Fill

12 pieces speakers Proel

6 kW monitors Sidefill, JBL

Electric motors Movecat lifting 500 kg D8 +



joommaster team